Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part of Berka Workwear’s corporate business principles. One of the basic principles of Berka Workwear is to provide good quality products to its customers. Therefore, Berka Workwear has ISO 9001 certificate that is the international quality management system (QMS) standard that can help any sized organisation consistently meet the needs of their customers and other relevant stakeholders. ISO 9001 provides to cost reductions, productivity improvements, customer loyalty, new business opportunities and supply chain security. We have been integrating our ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software to streamline business processes and boost productivity since 2013. Berka Workwear uses Micro software in all the business processes, especially in the supply chain, inventory, production, capacity planning and finance. For this reason, the best quality products at the most affordable prices can be offered to customers.

Quality is a measure of our performance as experienced by our customers. Success on the sector depends on our skill to always provide our customers with products and services that meet their expectations and workable requirements. To be successful in this appearance, we have to perform better than our rivals. This requires that we continually listen to our customers in order to understand their needs, and urgently perform sustainable improvements in our operations based on these needs.


Customer needs shall guide our ways of working. Best quality shall be achieved by working according to and continuously improving our processes.

VISION: To be a worldwide company in the field of protective clothing, workwear and flame retardant clothing.