Our first rule is to create a model which satisfies you, makes you feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. Our target is to assimilate your demands and meet your needs. After receiving your demand, our graphic designer designs the model of the garment according to your request. We can advise you on various workwear garment styles for every work location and all working conditions. We are able to design custom garments or prints if required.

Be in communication with you,
To not overlook any details, our working principle is being in communication with you in every step. We show the design to you, to clarify models. After receiving your approval, the designer makes a mould, plotting, cutting and set a model.


Production & Manufacturing
After receiving approval also for the finished model, we will be starting the production. Products produced with special machines are
sent to the folding and packaging department for delivery. Each stage is carefully monitored by our sales representatives from the beginning to the end of the project.

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