Company Profile

Berka Workwear is one of the leading protective clothing manufacturers in Turkey since established 1995. Our company which is serving in different sectors has a wide range of products for Industrial, Protective garments, Security, Tourism-Hotel, Hospital’s Clothing and Technique textile fields. Since its establishment, Berka elaborates to establish long-term relationships with its customers based on mutual trust.

We have established a new brand for Protective clothing sector as Procarc. We aim to protect staffs who are working in different sectors and fields especially against arc flash, splash molten and such hazardous risk group.
Berka workwear has a factory of 2000 m² closed area in Istanbul, where the mass production takes place with machines that are fully automatic and last system. Our production capacity is about 500,000 pieces per year.

Berka Workwear performs in covered of ISO 9001 quality processes in production and it is the one of the Turkish organization in its sector that is ISO 9001 certified. Our main aim is on-time delivery of low-cost, high-quality products by means of quality assurance system to its customers and being ahead in the quality race in the country as well as abroad.

Berka is the main sales agent of MEKAP Safety shoe brand. We provide direct access to a wide range of safety shoes and guarantee a wide range of products.

MISSION: To serve as a model company that produces quality, innovative, environmentally sensitive, friendly of human health, protective and economical clothes.

VISION: To become a big protective clothing brand worldwide with our innovative and functional models.